San Diego Padres vs Los Angeles Dodgers at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. The Padres had an early lead, came back to tie, but lost to the Dodgers 8 to 6. The box score was Dodgers R-8, H-11, E-0, L(eft on base)-5 and Padres R-6, H-14, E-2, L-12. We had planned on going to a day game on 7/24, but decided that because of the excess of sun exposure we have received that it would be better to go to a night game which we did on 7/23. On the 24th and 25th we relaxed and visited the San Diego Zoo, Old Town, and early Spanish areas. Qualcomm will be used by the Padres for only one more year. The field lines are RF-330', CF-405', LF-327', and LC & RC-368'. It is a used by the Chargers and Aztecs for football and probably seats around 60,000. The attendance was 25,680 and many were Dodgers fans. It has a wide variety of food available on the first level outside of the seating, but only barebones selections on the third level. There are many escalators that take you directly to the level you are sitting. We got to see 5 ex-Mariners play: Ramon Vazquez, Tom Lampkin, Brett Tomko, Eugene (now Gene) Kingsale, and Tom Davey. The mascot is the Friar who only stayed on the field. A new stadium is being built downtown and is due to open in 2004. We will have to return. There was a beautiful full moon shining through the upper supports. New Logo.
San Diego Zoo - one of the largest zoos in the world, exhibits some of the rarest specimens in captivity - Fee.

Old Town Dan Diego State Historic Park - commemorate the founding of the first European settlement in California.

Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor & Interpretive Center - houses displays and hands-on equipment interpreting the natural history, plants and wildlife of the park's nearly 5,800 acres.

SeaWorld - adventure park with shows, marine-life attractions and rides, Fee.