What a difference in temperature in traveling from the central valley to the coast. It was over 100 in the valley and in the low 80s at our motel in San Mateo. We dressed rather lightly. We took the CALTRAIN train to San Francisco for $6 per person round trip. This was the way to go because the train station is only 3 blocks from Pac-Bell Park, seating 41,503. When we got off the train we knew we were in trouble clothing-wise because the temperature was a breezy 59 degrees and it stayed that way all through the game. The clouds were rolling over the taller buildings downtown. Pac-Bell Park is really nice. We sat on the 300 level between 1st and home where the views are great. We could see ships moving through the bay, Oakland, and the Oakland Bay Bridge. The seating is a little steeper than SAFECO, especially on the 100 level. The capacity is less with no right field seating of any amount. The Giants were playing the Colorado Rockies and beat them 3-2 in the bottom of the 9th. Box Score was Rockies R-2, H-6, E-0 and Giants R-3, H-11, E-0. The mascot is Lou Seal. We got to see David Bell play, but not Barry Bonds. Hmmm, he must have gotten tired at the All-Star game. Interesting field lines RF 309', CF 399', LF 339', RC 365'-421', LC 382'-404'. The measurement to the glove is 501'. There have been 20 Splash Hits, homeruns into McCovey Cove since the stadium opened. The attendance was 40,588. Before 2014 AT&T Park.
Alcatraz Island - tour what was a federal maximum security prison. Round trip on ferry with admission and audio tape tour.

Cable Car Museum and Powerhouse Viewing Gallery contains models, photographs and relics of the early transit system. Ride a cable car to the museum which is Free.

Chinatown covers 16 square blocks. The streets are lined with tearooms, shops, temples, Chinese schools, theaters, and grocery stores.

Fisherman's Wharf has picturesque sights and pungent smells. The area contains restaurants, markets, import houses, and shops

Fort Point National Historic Site located under the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge built in 1853-61 was the principle defense bastion on the west coast. Learn about building the fort and the Golden Gate Bridge - Free.

Ghirardelli Square - a 2.5 acre area contains the old Ghirardelli Chocolate Company with chocolate for sale, a woolen mill, specialty shops, and apartments.

Union Square is the heart of the downtown shopping district.