The Washington Nationals play at National Park which opened in 2008. The stadium seats 41,339. They were scheduled to play the Philadelphia Phillies. As I arrived at the stadium the sky was very dark. By the time I had parked in the adjacent garage it had started to rain. From the garage I was able to see that the tarp was on the field. I stayed in my car and occasionally checked my smart phone weather ap and saw that it did not look good for a game. While in the garage I noted vegetable gardens on top of two of the main concourse buildings. At about 9pm I decided to enter the stadium to at least get something to eat and take some pictures. All of the 300 level food stands were closed, so I went down to the main concourse and got a hot dog from one of the few stands that were open. I took some pictures and then went down the first baseline and sat at a table. The field lines are RF-335”, RC-370', CF-402', LC-377', LF-337'. I noted that here you cannot watch the game behind home plate because of the Diamond Club and suites. Skittles has a big advertisement on the rain tarp. The figures in the picture are above the main concourse and rotate. Finally, at 9:30pm they decided to call the game and the information was placed on the big screen. The game the previous evening had been cancelled at 10pm and scheduled for a double header the day after the game I was to attend. On entering the garage there were 4 drug dogs available one at a time to check each car. Parking is $48 if purchased before the game or $55 day of game. Ouch! The game was played as the first game of a double header on Tuesday, September 24th. I did not attend. The box score was Phillies R-1, H-5, E-0 and National R-4, H-7, E-0. The Nationals won the second regular scheduled game 6-5. On Wednesday the Nationals won again and secured a wild-card play-off spot. Below are my ticket and parking pass.
Washington, D. C. has too many to list. You could take a week and not see everything. Visit several times and see a few of the major museums and attractions each time.

Do your own research on which of the many museums and monuments you wish to visit. Almost all Free.

National Museum of American Indian, US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Lincoln Memorial, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Korean War Veterans Memorial, National Zoological Park, National Air and Space Museum, National Air and Space Museum's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, National Museum of Natural History, Tomas Jefferson Memorial, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Ford's Theatre National Historic Site, World War II Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, United States Capitol, Washington National Cathedral, White House, International Spy Museum, National Postal Museum, Washington Memorial.