What is Arizona Fall League? It is a 40-day Phoenix area homestand featuring many of baseball's elite prospects. It is a showcase league because its players have the opportunity to display their skills for baseball scouts, general managers, and farm directors. There are six teams in the Arizona Fall League: the Scottsdale Scorpions, Mesa Solar Sox, Salt River Rafters, Glendale Desert Dogs, Peoria Javelinas and Surprise Saguaros. These club names were picked by Major League Baseball as reflective of the Southwestern desert traditions in the state. The teams are broken into two divisions, East and West. Each Major League Baseball team sends seven top prospects to the Arizona Fall League, 210 players in all. The games are played in the Spring Training stadiums used at Glendale, Mesa, Salt River, Scottsdale, and Surprise-2 teams. The players who are sent to Fall Ball are mainly the top Double AA players from each Major League team. There can be one Single A player. There are a few AAA players. Any Major League players must have less than two years of Major League service. Over 50 percent of Fall League players have become major leaguers since the league started in 1992. Developmental for umpires with four on the field

This was our second trip to Fall Ball. We were there for 4 days and saw 5 games. One at Salt River, one at Scottsdale, one at Glendale, two at Surprise. We didn't see as many adult autograph seekers as we did on our first trip.The teams play two day games and one night game except there are no night games on World Series game days. So you can see two games a day-one day and one evening. Tickets are $7 General Admission and $6 for Seniors and children. With low attendance you can have your seat of choice in the sun or the shade. The weather was mild with temperatures the first day in the low 80s and the other three days in the low 70s. Great weather with clouds on just one day. Lots of chances for adults to get foul ball, because there are few children in attendance. Jim picked up a ground-rule double ball that bounced over the centerfield fence at Surprise. Food choices are limited, but you can bring in food from outside. We didn't. The banners show the MVP for each team for the year indicated. Peoria not playing in Peoria because of renovations to club houses. We were following the Mariners players on this trip.
Fall League Teams and this year's associated Major League Teams.
Dodgers, Marlins, Reds, Twins, White Sox
October 28 at Scottsdale, Scorpions are shut-out by Javelinas. Scorpions R-0, H-3, E-0, Javelinas R-4, H-7, E-0. RF-330, CF-430, LF-360. Kevlehan of Mariners had 2 doubles and 2 RBIs. Attendance of 402.
Angels, Athletics, Cubs, Nationals, Tigers
October 29 at Surprise, Javelina beat Scorpions. Scorpions R-2, H-8, E-1, Javelinas R-3, H-5, E-1. RF-350, RC-379, CF-400, LC-379, LF-350. Baseball picked up in centerfield was a ground rule double, 1st pitch by first Scorpion batter, Hanson (PIT). M's Romero doubled in 4th and M's Kivelehan hit RBI double for 1st Javelina run. Scorpions O'Brien (NYY) hit HR to center about 430 feet. Attendance of 251. Statues make a good background picture. Flags show the 15 teams playing in the Phoenix area.
Astros, Mariners, Padres, Phillies, Royals
Blue Jays, Cardinals, D-Backs, Rays, Rockies
Braves, Giants, Mets, Pirates, Yankees October 29 at Salt River, Rafters beat the Solar Sox. Solar Sox R-3, H-7, E-2, Rafters R-7, H-13, E-1. RF-345, RC-390, CF-410, LC-390, LF-345. This was our one night game. Temperature dropped into the upper 60s, so we left a little early. Attendance of 816.
Brewers, Indians, Orioles, Rangers, Red Sox
October 30 at Glendale, Desert Dogs lose to Javelinas. Javelinas R-7, H-9, E-0, Desert Dogs R-5, H-6, E-2. RF-345, RC-380, CF-410, LC-380, LF-345. Mariners Chris Taylor on 1st pitch of game hit HR into visitor bullpen. Mariners Stephen Romero hit 3 run HR in top of 4th to left center. 1st HRs for both during Fall Training. Mariners starter Jason Mauer was the winner. Weather was somewhat cool, so Andrea was moving around to sit in the sun, while Jim followed behind sitting in the shade. Attendance of 159.
October 31 at Surprise, Desert Dogs maul Javelinas. Desert Dogs R-10. H-15. E-0, Javelinas R-2, H-5, E-1. Mariners starter Kyle Hunter takes the loss. We left at the top of the 7th to make our plane connection back to Seattle. F-16 aircraft from Luke AFB fly over the stadium on a regular basis. On October 29th a four ship formation flew over at the conclusion of the Star Spangled Banner.