2019 League

Championship Game

The Surprise Saguaros (Western Division) were playing the Salt River Rafters (Eastern Division) for the Arizona League Championship at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. The Rafters season ended with 17 wins, 11 loses, and 1 tie. The Saguaros season ended with 17 wins and 12 loses. The Rafter beat the Saguaros 5-1. The box score was Rafters R-5, H-10, E-0 and Saguaros R-1, H-4, E-0. Before the game started several player awards were given out. Shown is the grand slam ball hit to the berm in left field in the 4th inning. We only saw 2 homeruns during the four games we attended. Kyle Lewis was one of the highest rated payers that we saw. I took a picture of Seth Beer because at many minor league parks there is a promotion about the Beer batter. If the Beer batter strikes out beer is provided at a cheaper price for the rest of the inning. For more pictures of the Salt River Fields stadium, plese look at the previous game played there. Temperature at game time was 77 degrees. Attendance was 2,423. We had to leave at the end of the 5th inning in order to meet our airplane departure time. We went from 77 degree weather to 45 degree weather back home.