The Salt River Rafters were playing the Peoria Javelinas at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. Salt River Fields is the Spring Training site for the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies. All three games today were limited to 7 innings because of the League Championship game tomorrow, October 26th. The River Rafters beat the Javelinas 6 to 1. The box score was Javelins R--1, H-4, E-1 and Rafters R-6, H-9, E-1. The field lines are RF-345', RC-390', CF-410', LC-390', LF-345'. The League gives out gold chains to the best field player and pitcher each week. This week Luke Raley of the Minnesota Twins, on left in picture, was best fielder and Ashton Goudeau of the Colorado Rockies, on the right in the picture was the best pitcher. Again, the only Mariners player on the field was Jose Caballero at third base today. At this field they have been using the Trackman doppler radar machine for calling Balls and Strikes. The machine was in one of the press box areas behind home plate. The Homeplate umpire wore a small device on his back to receive information to make the call. Calls were definitely slower unless the pitch was a definite ball. The larger black device behind homeplate and near the top of the stadium gathers other statistical information. It is found in all ballparks. A large array of microphones is above the press box. The batter's eye in center field has lots of cactus in it. A ball hit above the fence line on the batter's eye is not a home run. A Talking Stick has images carved on it. I thing the one on the scoreboard indicates things to do in the local area, from left to right, people, baseball, golf, shopping, and mountain recreation. The temperature was 76 degrees at game start. Attendance was 623.