National Baseball Hall of Fame
Cooperstown, NY
The National Baseball Hall of Fame chronicles the history of baseball through photographs, memorabilia and multimedia presentations. Exhibits include the History of Baseball, the World Series, Women in Baseball, Ballparks, the Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron rooms, and Grandstand Theatre. The centerpiece of the museum is a gallery with plaques representing every Hall of Fame inductee. Row 1--#1 & 2-front for Baseball Hall of Fame, #3-Babe Ruth's 60th homerun ball, #4-Ruth's last bat used and ball hit, #5- Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle's Locker, #6-Anaheim Dugout Roster Card with Ichiro Suzuki in Mariners line-up for the first time in 2001. Row 2--#1-bat used during the year by Ichiro as American League MVP, #2-ball used by John Halama to pitch 1st no-hitter in Pacific League history in 2002, #3-no-hitter ball of Mariner Randy Johnson, #4-no-hitter ball of Mariner Chris Bosio, #5-baseball card beginnings, #6-First Hall of Fame inductees. Row 3--#1-Gaylord Perry-Hall of Famer who pitched for Mariners, #2-4-statues of Roy Campanella & Johnny Podres, #5-6-Doubleday Field. After touring the Hall of Fame, Terry, who lives in Cooperstown and an aquaintance we had met at the Myrtle Beach, SC game in April, invited us to join him for dinner.

South of Cooperstown is a new experience for Little League baseball players--the Cooperstown Dreams Park. For a week a team can come to the Park and participate in ballgames with 63 other teams. The package costs $525 for each player and coach. It includes meals and accommodations, Home and Away uniform, hat, jerseys, and socks, tickets to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and other items. The teams arrive on Friday, play five games between Sunday and Wednesday morning before playing in a single elimination tournament that concludes on Thursday. Many teams are accompanied by their families. There are 14 fields and a dorm for each team and coaches. Row 5--#2-4 living quarters of teams, #5-field complex, most in groups of four fields with a concession stand in the center with reasonable prices, #6-game field. Row 6--#1-game in session at one of the fields.