National Baseball Hall of Fame
Cooperstown, NY
National Baseball Hall of Fame chronicles the history of baseball through photographs, memorabilia and multimedia presentations. Exhibits include the History of Baseball, the World Series, Women in Baseball, Ballparks, the Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron rooms, and Grandstand Theatre. The centerpiece of the museum is a gallery with plaques representing every Hall of Fame inductee. We visited the musuem in 2003 and went back in 2023 to see information and displays concerning Mariners players. Be sure to see the introductory video. The museum is a Must See for any baseball fan.
Row 1--front of musuem, plaque on front of museum, jersey worn when Ichiro hit 262 hits for new record, information about the 262 hits, Ichimeter that M's fan changed each time he hit another hit. Row 2--the 262 his ball, another Ichiro record, 116 wins in 2001 for Mariners, Edgar Martinez jersey, each team has a locker with important team memoriblia. Row 3--jersey worn by Felix Hernandez when he pitched a perfect game, information about the game, Alex Rodreiguez information, Ken Griffey HOF plaque, Edgar Martinez HOF plaque. Row 4--Gaylord Perry HOF plaque, Randy Johnson HOF plaque, Dave Niehaus Broadcaster HOF, boys playing baseball statues in courtyard.