Leagues of Their Own
Furniture City
During 2003 a special exhibit called Leagues of their Own was displayed at the museum. The exhibit explores the history of the Negro Leagues, the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League and Michigan's connection with both.
The museum has displays explaining why Grand Rapids is considered a furniture making center. There is a room where given many clues you figure out which of three suspects committed a murder. Row 1--#1-4-information about the Negro Teams, #5 & 6-background information about Women's Baseball. Row 2, 3--information about each of the women's teams. Row 4--#1 & 2-concession and souvenir costs in the 1950s, #3-furniture industry information, #4 & 5-information about workers in the furniture industry-9 different workers were featured, #6-different situations are given and how the people involved would react. Row 5--#1-#4-information about the Driggs Skylark Biplane that was built in Michigan.