Little League Baseball
Williamsport, PA
Little League Baseball started in Williamsport, PA in 1939. It has since spread to most countries around the world. Williamsport is where the Little League World Series is held each year, bringing 16 teams from around the world to compete. There are two fields where the games are held leading up to the final game. There is a Little League Museum adjacent to the area where the teams are housed and the stadiums where the games are played. Across town and across the street from where the Williamsport Crosscutter, Short A, baseball team plays is the field where the first Little League Baseball games and World Series were played. We were able to visit all three areas and the pictures are below. Row 1 in the museum--#1-4 show the evolution of Little League equipment, #5 & 6 information about Cy Young. Row 2--#2 complex of fields, field in background is new field, #3-6 main field. Row 3--#1 scoreboard main field, #2-6 new field. Row 4--#1 & 2 Stotz information at new field, #3-6 original field. Row 5--#1-3 original field.