Shoeless Joe Jackson & Good Night Moon
Shoeless Joe Jackson &
Good Night Moon
Shoeless Joe Jackson moved with his family to Greenville SC early in his life. When he was 6 years old he began working in one of the textile mills along the Reedy River. It was with the mill baseball team that he began his baseball career. The brick on the base of the statue and the back of the sign are from Old Comisky Park where Shoeless Joe played as a professional baseball player. The field is where he played and the mill behind it is where he worked. His grave is shown along baseballs, bats, and white socks have been left by his admirers. One baseball had written on it, "You should be in the Hall."

The "Mice on Main" tour originated from a school project by a local high school student who wanted to do something to let people know they were in a special place in Greenville SC. A local artist made small bronze mice and placed them in nine different places along main street in the manner the book "Goodnight Moon" by Margaret Wise Brown. You can pick up clues to find the mice from the City Visitors Center.