Ted Williams Museum
Hitters Hall of Fame
The Ted Williams Museum is located in Hernando, Florida. It is built in the shape of a baseball diamond. The museum houses photographs, artwork, memorabilia and other items from the life and career of Ted Williams, one of baseball's greatest hitters, and other notable players. The museum features the Hitters Hall of Fame, the first 20 were picked by Ted using a specially developed formula. Each year additional hitters are added to the Hall. Information and equipment is featured for each player. Ted lived in this area in his later years. We parked next to the museum's vehicle at Tropicana field and met the director of the museum. He gave us complimentary tickets to the meseum. Thank you. Row 1-#1 Front of museum, #2 & 3 Statues of Ted, #4 shows Ted April 14, 1939 in his Boston debut at Tittan Field vs Holy Cross baseball team, Row 2-#1 shows Ted, a 17 year old rookie with the San Diego Padres in the Pacific Coast League, #2 Ted in Korean War in 1953, a Marine jet fighter pilot. John Glen was his wingman, #3 Uniform worn in 1956, #4 bench with Ted outside museum. Link to Ted Williams website.