Bill Zuber's Restaurant
Homestead, IA
Bill Zuber’s Restaurant and Dugout Lounge at Homestead in the Amana Colonies, a cozy spot filled with Amana antiques and baseball memorabilia relating to the major-league career of its founder. Back in the days when the Amanas were still a communal society, organized games like baseball were forbidden by the church elders. Word of young Bill Zuber’s athletic abilities eventually spread and one day a scout for the Cleveland Indians showed up and found the seventeen-year-old helping with the onion harvest in the kitchen gardens. With no baseball available, the scout selected a large onion and asked Bill if he could hit a nearby barn. The obliging young man promptly threw the onion over the barn roof—and an illustrious baseball career was launched.

After six years in the minors, Bill went on to pitch for ten years in the majors, until his arm was injured in 1948. After returning to his home, Bill and his wife, Connie, established a restaurant in a hotel built in Homestead in 1862. Though Bill died some years ago, the restaurant is still owned by the Zuber family. The restaurant is open daily.

Row 1--#1-brick building is restaurant, #2-wooden building is lounge, #3-entry to restaurant, #4 & 5-memorabilia. Row 2--#1 & 2 menu from 1951-note ditto paper used for menu and Bill's autograph, #3-matchbook with Bill's photo, #4-American League Champions, 1946, Boston Red Sox-Bill back row 8th from left, #5-Bill, center of back row. Row 3--a picture of an ashtray from the restaurant that was sent to me by a gentleman who viewed this website page.