Today we visited Osceola County Stadium in Kissimmee FL to see the Houston Astros play the Cleveland Indians. This is the home field for the Astros during Grapefruit League Spring Training. The staduim was built in 1985 and received a $18.4 million makeover in 2002 and reopened this spring. The game started out with the Indians getting 3 quick runs and things were looking bad for the Astros, but they came back in the bottom of the first with 3 runs to tie the game. The Astros continued to add on run winning 13-7. The box score was Cleveland R-4, H-10, E-1 and Houston R-13, H-18, E-0. The weather was hot-95 and humid. There was a good breeze blowing from the SW, but that didn't cool the fans because the field faces NE. The field lines are RF & LF-330', RC & LC-390', and CF-410'. I would estimate attendance at 4,500+. There is a rather limited concession stand selection. If you want to sit in the shade when attending spring training games be sure you request shade tickets. The third picture in Row 3 is Brian Hunter, ex-Mariner. The last two pictures in Row 4 show Jim standing in front of the building at Tyndall AFB, FL where he, a new 2nd Lieutenant, received his Weapons Controller training almost 39 years ago. It is still used to train this skill, but the officers are now designated as Weapons Battle Managers. 2017- Florida Fire Frogs of Florida State League affiliated with Atlanta Braves begin play at Osceola County Stadium. This team moved from Brevard County.
Disney World--5 miles to the west with all of its attractions