We visited the Surprise Recreation Complex on Friday, March 14. This is the new spring training complex for the Texas Rangers and the Kansas City Royals. It was just opened at the beginning of spring training this year. It is a very nice facility. The playing field is sunken below grade. The stadium has a covered walkway behind the seating and all the concessions are located on the walkway. All seating areas have individual seats and there is grass seating in the outfields. The food selection is not large, but I would guess it will grow in the future. The field dimensions are left and right field-350', left and right center-379', and center field-400'. The Texas Rangers were playing the Anaheim Angels. We were disappointed not to see Alex Rodriguez. We found out Saturday that he has a disc problem in his neck and will not be playing for several days. The game was a tie at the end of 9 innings. The pitching coaches, Orel Hersheiser for the Rangers, agreed to play one additional inning and the game concluded with a tie at the end of 10 innings. The stats were Rangers R-9, H-10, E-0 and Angels R-9, H-11, E-1. The weather was a comfortable low 80s. It started out overcast and then became bright and sunny. Group picture shows, L to R, Jim, Andrea, John, and Bill.
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