Pittsburgh Pirates Bradenton FL
LECOM Park is used by the Pittsburgh Pirates as its spring training stadium and the Bradenton Marauders of the Florida State A League. The stadium was built in 1923 and is the third oldest stadium currently used by a major league team after Fenway Park-1912 and Wrigley Field-1914. It seats 8,500. The Pittsburgh Pirates were playing the Philadelphia Philles and lost 6-3. The box score was Phillies R-6, H-9, E-1 and Pirates R-3, H-8, E-2. The field lines are RF-335, RC-375, CF-400, LC-375, LF-335. In 1969 Pittsburgh started using the park for spring training game. This is the 50th year. You can walk around the park. There are covered bleachers in LF. There is shade above the aisle in covered areas. In the upper covered seating areas sit in rows 3-7, in 3 you are not blocked by aisle walkers and above 7 you may be blocked by roof supports. There is an excellent scorebord with pitch speed and pitcher's pitch count. Good food prices. LECOM has a campus in Erie, PA and Bradenton. Sodexo motto isn't necessarily true based on our experience with the company. The second park with osprey nest on light standard in right field. Interesting WWII military history on historical marker outside the park.