The Milwaukie Brewers play at Maryvale Baseball Park which was built in 1998 and seats 10,000 including the grass area. The Brewers were playing the Chicago Whitesox and shut the Sox out 4 to 0. The box score was Whitesox R-0, H-5, E-1 and Brewers R-4, H-14, E-1. The field lines are RF-340' to 364', RC-400', LC-378' to 374', LF 340'. Three pictures show the ball coming off of the bat. Jim spotted a fan out in the right field grass area wearing the interesting T-Shirt from the 1995 Spring Training when the baseball strike was occuring. There was a mascot race during one mid-inning period. Attendance 6,200+. Nice stadium, parking was $6, park close to 51st Street and you will have an easy exit.