We attended the game today with our friends Gary, Jennifer, and Janet. Salt River Fields at Talking Stick is the Cactus League Spring Training baseball park for the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies. The ballpark opened in 2011 and has 7,000 seats and estimated 4,000 lawn seats. The lawn seating is estimated low as this is the biggest lawn seating of any of the fields in the Cactus League. The Diamondbacks were playing the Rockies losing 7-5. The box score was Diamondbacks R-5, H-11, E-2 amd Rockies R-7, H-9, E-1. One homerun by each team. The field lines are RF-345', RC-390', CF-410', LC-390', LF-345'. checking the pitcher's glove in row 3. Small wiffle ball playground in row 3. The ballpark organist is Bobby Freeman. Whataburger french fry shuffle. Blue tint continues from yesterday, no idea what causes it. After the trip it cleared up.