Sloan Park is the Spring Training location of the Chicago Cubs. It opened in 2014. It is the home of the Arizona Fall League Cubs and Mesa Solar Sox. It is one of the larger spring training venues seating 15,000, with a record attendance of 16,152 during a 2023 sprng training game. Attendance today was 12,832. Today the Cubs were playing the Seattle Mariners winning 9-5. The box score was Cubs R-9, H-10, E-1 and Mariners R-5, H-10, E-1. The field lines are RF-360', RC-398', CF-410', LC-366', LF-360'. The Cubs had 3 homeruns and the Mariners 2 homeruns. Clark is the mascot. We attended the game with Andrea's brother and his wife, both Cubs fans. Needless to say they were happy with the results. Shooting with a new camera and I'm not sure why the blue tint on some of the photos.