Tempe Diablo Stadium
Tempe Diablo Stadium is the Spring Training location for the Los Angeles Angels at Anaheim. We attended the game on March 28th when the Angels played the Oakland Athletics. The Angels won 14-3. The box Score was Athletics R-3, H-7, E-1 and Angels R-14, H-18, E-3. The field lines are RF-360', CF-420' and LF-340'. The stadium had a major renovation in 2005 and should have a new scoreboard installed. If you want shade get seats in Rows, X, Y, or Z within 1st base and home. There was the 2017 Cactus League logo sprayed on the field. Outside of left field are two buttes with a hotel built around them. There is an American flag flying on top of the right butte. They have printed a very wide No Standing area behind the seating. This makes it had to take pictures as people walk in front of you all the time. The line could be moved forward 5-6 feet without any problems. The berm area in left field is not very large. The larger berm area is down the 3rd base line. Limited selection of food at the concession stands. More items are available in the tents down the 3rd baseline. Parking here was $5. Attendance was 7,716 for this last game for the Angels this year. Because of this Spring Training merchandise was 50% off in the team store.