The Quincy Gems are a collegiate Prospect League team that plays at Quincy University Stadium. The stadium was built under the authority of the WPA. In the mid-40s to the mid-50s there were various Major League farm clubs in the stadium. Again from 1960 to 1973 there were lower level minor league teams in Quincy. Tonight they were playing their cross Mississippi rivals the Hannibal Hoots. These games are considered the Battle for the Paddle with the winner being the team who wins the most games each year. The Hoots were victorius winning the game 6 - 5 in thirteen innings. They also won the paddle for the season. The box score was Hoots R 6, H-10, E-1 and Gems R-5, H-7, E-4. The is a grass outfield and turf and turf dirt infield. The baselines are RF-296, CF-405, LF-314. The capacity is 2,530 and the attendance was 1,669. The stadium is nicknamed "The Rockpile" as it is built from limestone. Bottom row #1 beyond right field is the Quincy University football fieldd that has been upgraded with new bleachers and broadcast booth since we were here last.#2 and #3 are under the seating area. #4 is the left field wall. #5 is a between inning kid activity racing the tricycles.