The Milwaukie Milkmen, a member of the American Association, play at Franklin Field. The stadium, seating 4,000, opened in June 2019. The Milkmen were playing the Lake Country Dock Hounds winning 11 to 3. The box score was Dock Hounds R-3, H-8, E-1 and Milkmen R-11, H-14, E-0. The field lines RF-330", CF-408', LF-330'. The field is all turf including the infield and mound. LED lighting seems to be the norm on these new fields. A group of youth line up at the dugout as the Milkmen players take the field giving the players high 5s. The milkman in the red cap is part time field announcer and works the crowd. The mascot is Bovine and at the 7th inning stretch Sweet Caroline is sung, substituting Bovine for Caroline. No Take Me Out the the Ballgame is sung. Black and white is the theme on the scoreboard and the advertising on the outfield walls. In between inning activities have children racing in cow outfits and then eating whip cream cow pies. Another activity has children swinging at water balloons. Adults swing at marshmellows trying to hit them over the dugout. The was a junior announcer for one inning. As many lower level ballparks there was a 50/50 raffle. For $20 you could purchase a strip reaching from one hand to the other across your back. Ks are hung on the center field fence. Tonight the Canadian fire smoke was pretty much gone. Entrance is at center field. Parking is varied, no charge, some on the third base line, other areas in the adjacent playing fields and some on gravel well beyond the centerfield wall. From there is a pretty long walk to the entrance. There is a golf driving range parallel to the 3rd base line and parking beyond that. Take a look at Google maps to see parking areas.