The Sioux Falls, SD Canaries, an American Association Independent League team, play at the Birdcage at Sioux Falls Stadium. It was built in 1964 and renovated in 2000 seating 4,462. In 2006 there was a realignment of indpendent baseball with the formation of the American Association. Previously the Canaries had been in the Northern League. This is a nice stadium with a wide range of food and many between inning activities. The Canaries were playing the St. Joseph Blacksnakes and beat them 13-4. The box score was Blacksnakes R-4, H-9, E-3 and Canaries R-13, H-13, E-2. The field lines vary greatly RF-312', RC-330'-359', CF-410'-393', LC-380'-343'-317', LF-313". Attendance at the game was 2,505. It was a hot evening with the temperature above 90 degrees. There are new plastic seats below the aisle, molded row seats with arm rests above the aisle, backed bleachers down both baselines, and a grass berm down the 3rd base line. Cagie is the canary mascot. The cheerleaders are the Little Birds, who perform on the field and in the stands. One between inning activity has adults bouncing on inflated small horses. A variation of the dizzy bat race had two adults spinning around the bat and then rolling a beer keg to the finish. One guy immediately fell and was out of the roll. Strike outs are kept track of by sending a metal "K" sign down a metal rail above the aisle behind home plate. Interesting art work around the stadium. One is an out of date map of the Northern League. 2011 name change to Pheasants. 2014 name back to Canaries and new logo.
Falls Park Visitor Information Center and Observation Tower - observation tower provides 360-degree panoramic view of the Big Sioux River, the falls and the city skyline. Free

Sertoma Butterfly House - houses more than 700 free-flying butterflies. Fee.