The St. Joe Blacksnakes of the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball play at Phil Welch Stadium which was built in 1939. Seating capacity is 2,000. The field lines are RF-320', CF-420', and LF-320'. The Blacksnakes were playing the Coastal Bend Aviators with the Aviators being the victors 8-5. The box score was Aviators R-8, H-17, E-1 and Blacksnakes R-5, H-6, E-1. The Blacksnakes joined the American Association in 2006. Previously there was a college level team called the Saints playing at the field. This field has one of the deepest centerfields we have seen. The radio broadcasters are in the booth on the roof. The game announcer sits behind the screen directly behind home plate. He does a great job with few notes. The light towers are inside the outfield wall in the playing area. They are wrapped in foam to keep the players from injuring themselves. There are several different between inning activities. Several young girls did the limbo. The sumo wrestlers were the first women we have seen. Their object was to try to bump the hitting coach/3rd base coach down, but they were no match to him. There was the frozen t-shirt contest between two girls. The GM, Greg Lynch, takes tickets, something we have not seen a GM do previously. Jim thanks him for providing a game used ball. Attendance was estimated at under 500 enthusiastic fans. 2011 team no longer in operation.
The Glore Psychiatric Museum - surveys the portrayal and treatment of mental illness over the years. Fee.

Jesse James Home - the outlaw's residence was the scene of his death at the hands of members of his gang. Fee.

Pony Express National Memorial - was the original site of the business venture that developed from the War Department's demand for speedy communi-cations with California. Fee.