The Wichita Wingnuts, a member of the independent American Association league, play at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium. It was built in 1934 with a couple renovations since then and seats 6,400. The attendance tonight was 3, 345 with a temperature of 91 degrees and the wind blowing out to left at 25 knots. This is the 20th year of the Wingnuts. The Wingnuts were playing the Kansas City T-Bones and won 4-3. The box score was T-Bones R-3, H-11, E-1 and Wingnuts R-4, H-7, E-0. This game was won with a Walk-Off 3 run homer. The field lines are RF-312, CF-400', LC-385', and LF 344'. The pillars holding up the stands all have interesting facts about baseball and players who have in the past been involved with baseball in Wichita. The complete field is artificial turf except for the pitching mound. There is a party area at the end of the 1st base stands. A Field Pass area on the field at the end of the 3rd base line. There are 4 suites on each side of the broadcast booth. I recommend sitting in Row E and below in the upper section behind home so cross wire on netting and roof supports don't block view. The is the Old Historic Lighting Tower on the 1st base side. The Beer Batter from the T-Bones hit 2 homeruns after striking out at the top of the first inning. When this happens you can buy a 24oz beer for $4 for 10 minutes. They have between inning Ice cream Bar toss to fans and a large pizza given out to fans. The children can collect bag of garbage and then receive a Wingnuts baseball for a full bag. This was a return visit with a different team and league. Previously Witchita had a Texas League AA team.
Museum of World Treasures-has one of the reputedly most complete T.rex skeletons on display in the area. There is an Egyptian area and the Hall of Royalty depicting the grandeur of European monarchs. Founding of America explores the birth and growth of our county and features a signature from every US President. Other exhibits contain memorabilia related to the funtier er, music and composers, wars, sports and American pop culture. Fee.