The Winnipeg Gold Eyes, an American Association Independent League team, plays at Shaw Park, which was built in 1999 and seats 7,481. The Gold Eyes were playing the Gary Southshore Rail Cats winning with a score of 9-4. The box score was Rail Cats R-4, H-7, E0-0 and Gold eyes R-9, H-9, E-2. the manager Rick Forney celebrated his 300th win. The field lines are RF & LF-325', CF-400'. Some good pictures of the ball coming off of the bat. The mascot is Goldie, but doesn't look like a fish. Tonight Hootie was there with a couple of his girls. Goldie and Hootie ran around the bases. It was 50's night, so the staff was dressed in 50's attire. There is a train track that runs along the 3rd baseline, you can see the bridge over the Red River in the background. There are 32 suites. The fans have hand motions for the song "Take Me Out To The Ballgame”. Outstanding selection of food with a special Asian restaurant on the second floor at the end of the 1st baseline called Hu's on First. We were profiled at US customs coming back across the boarder and sent to Garage 3. We had a plant and several boxes of belongings of Andrea's mother. I guess they didn't find anything, as they sent us on our way after about 5 minutes in the waiting room.
Assiniboine, Winnipeg's oldest park, encompasses 370 acres of grass together with superb trees and an English garden. One of the key attractions at Assiniboine Park is the Assiniboine Park Zoo. Home to a wide variety of animals, flora, and fauna, the zoo makes an excellent outing. Other attractions in the park are the 4-8-2 steam locomotive that can be climbed on and in and the world famous Leo Mol sculpture garden.

The Historical Museum of St James Assiniboia comprises of three buildings including a municipal hall, a historical Red River Home, and a general purpose building. The municipal hall dates from 1911 and contains exhibits of St James Assiniboia and surrounding areas. The Historical Red River Home contains period pieces from 1860-1890. The third building at the Historical Museum of St James Assiniboia contains items related to blacksmithing, farming and transportation. Free.