The Bridgeport Bluefish, an Atlantic Independent league team, play at The Ballpark at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport, CT. The stadium was built in 1998 and seats 5,300. This is another nice independent league stadium. The menu is the best in the independent leagues we have seen so far. The Bluefish were playing the Road Warriors, the team that does not have a home stadium. The Road Warriors won 7-5. The box score was Road Warriors R-7, H-14, E-0 and Bluefish R-5, H-13, E-0. The field lines displayed are RF-325' and CF-405'. The Bluefish have two mascots--BB the fish and Captain. The second Bluefish batter hit a ball into the bullpen tarp that was ruled a ground rule double because the Road Warrior left fielder couldn't find it. The field nestles up against the train tracks in right and center field. A between inning activity that we have seen a couple of times is sweeping the bases using large tooth brushes. This time is was a relay with four girls. At second base the red brush broke, so the girl had to sweep with a shortened brush. We saw many passenger trains go by and only one short freight train. The last picture has both a Connecticutt Rail and Amtrack train in it, Amtrack in foreground. We went to the game with Ed Hicks, an orienteering friend, who drove over from New York State. The large picture mural on the front of the stadium was made from a 35 mm picture by a business acquaintance of Ed's.
The Barnum Museum - exhibits chronicle the life and times of P.T. Barnum. The museum present three themes: Barnum the Man; Barnum's American Museum; and Bridgeport & Barnum. Fee.