The Charleston Dirty Birds are a member of the independent Atlantic League of Professional Baseball playing at GoMart Park which opened in 2005 seating 4,500 fans. The Dirty Birds were playing the South Maryland Blue Crabs and lost 5-4. The box score was Blue Crabs R-5, H-9, E-1 and Dirty Birds R-4, H-7, E-1. The field lines are RF-320', CF-400', LF-320'. There was a one hour plus rain delay starting in the bottom of the 4th inning. I found shelter in the beverage stand shown behind the Clydesdale. A large thunderstorm cell travelled over the park really dropping rain. When a decision was made to restart the game at 9:15 and I had a 6+ hour drive to Durham the next day I left. The field is all turf. Three umpires are used in this league. There were problems with the video screen. It worked for advertising, but not for player information. I was excited to see the “You Are Toast” fan is still coming to the games. He keeps the fans going with chants for the Dirty Birds and against the opponents. When an opponent gets 2 strikes, they chant “You Are Toast!” If he strikes out the “You are Toast” fan throws slices of burnt toast out to the fans. See his toaster. Look for the toast flying through the air. There are suites on the 2nd level on the first base side. There was a Budweiser Clydesdale in attendance. A local family owned for 90 years beverage distributor, Spriggs Distributing Co, made a $5000 donation to Folds of Honor a scholarship fund, sponsored by Budweiser, that will benefit a local military family. Couple shown are the owners. Between inning has 3 chilcren running around the bases in large sheets. Apartment across the strees has field viewing location. I had pulled pork, sour cream, cheese, and tator tots for dinner. I could have added salsa, jalapenos, and tomatoes if I wanted them. What I had was fine and good. Read about Toni Stone in last photos.