The Lancaster Barnstormers, an Atlantic Independent League team, play at Clipper Magazine Stadium, which was built in 2005 and seats 6,500. This is a nice new independent league stadium. Rows A-F have padded seats. The Barnstormers were playing the Atlantic City Surf and were shut out 1-0. The box score was Surf R-1, H-6, E-0, and Barnstormers R-0, H-0, E-1. The field lines are RF-300', CF-400', LF-320'. This was the first no hitter at Clipper Magazine Stadium. The players were wearing pink and black jerseys in support of breast cancer research. The jerseys were sold at auction after the game with a $400 beginning bid. The left field score board has a picture of the current batter and the batting line up. The right field, at field level, has the box score, pitch speed, and what the batter has done in previous at-bats. Both screens show advertising between innings. One of the game staff dresses up as Rocky and comes running into the stadium whenever the Barnstormers are behind. Dick Scott is honored in a mosaic on the wall inside the entry. He brought baseball back to Lancaster. The mascot is Cylo. Attendance was over 5,000. We bought tickets from a season ticket holder outside the stadium and had great seats 3 rows behind the third base dugout.
You are located in Pennsylvania Dutch Country with lots of Amish and Mennonite locations to see and go shopping.

East of Lancaster is The Amish Farm and House - Tours of this house built in 1805 explain the past and present Amish lifestyle. April through October. Fee.