The Long Island Ducks, a Atlantic League Independent team, play at Bethpage Ballpark in Central Islip, NY on Long Island. The stadium was built in 2000 and seats 6,002. The Ducks were playing the Bridgeport Blue Fish winning 15-5. The box score was Blue Fish R-5, H-8, E-0 and Ducks R-15, H-20, E-1. All of the Ducks players got a hit. The field lines are RF-325', CF-400', LF-325'. The mascot is QuackerJack. Mid-inning activities consist of tricycle Race from 1st to 3rd, Sumo Wrestling, and Musical Chairs. I would estimate between 2-3,000 fans in attendance. There is no pitch speed displayed. In the 5th inning and intentional walk occurred automatically with no pitches. The next batter, Tyler Colvin-DH, hit a towering grandslam. Because of this a fan won $10,000. If a HR is hit off of a foul pole on a specific game a person can win $15,000. Every Friday game they have fireworks.