The Atlantic City Surf is an Atlantic Independent League team. They play at The Sandcastle at Bernie Robbins stadium, built in 1998. This is the 9th season of Surf baseball in Atlantic City. The Surf were playing the Road Warriors. The Road Warriors do not have a home stadium and travel all season long. The Surf won the game 7-6. The box score was Road Warriors R-6, H-13, E-2 and Surf R-7, H-9, E-2. The Road Warrior's starting pitcher did a great job for 7 innings, but the relief pitches let the Surf catch up. The Surf won in the bottom of the 9th when the Warrior's outfielder slipped and wasn't able to make the out play. The field lines are RF & LF-309' and CF-400'. On both sides of the steps entering the stadium are two painting of old time players. In the first painting is a Ty Cobb trading card with Ty batting right handed. He was a left handed batter, not sure of why the mistake was made. The mascot is Splash. They keep track of how many total home runs the Surf team has made. Two were added tonight. Each night they have a contestant who sits on the fence in right field. If he lasts the whole game he receives a prize. Over the outfield wall you can see the casinos on the beach. There were low clouds partially obscuring the buildings tonight. There is a VFR airport adjacent to the stadium. Each evening a small blimp is launched that then flies over the beach area. We went to stand on the boardwalk at Ventnor. 2009 Team no longer in Atlantic City.
Gambling on the Boardwalk for those interested in such activity.

Walk the Boardwalk.

Drive south to Cape May and visit one of the oldest seashore resorts on the Atlantic Coast. View the historic district. Visit the nearby Cape May Lighthouse.