The Brockton Rox, a Canadian-American Independent League team, plays at Campanelli Stadium which was built in in 2002. This is a nice independent league stadium. You walk up steps to get to the concourse level before walking down to your seats. There is cover over the concourse and the row of handicap seats on the concourse. It was a cold, windy, drizzly evening at the ball park. We were able to last until the 9th inning when we finally moved up to the handicap seats on the 3rd base side. The Rox were playing the Sussex Skyhawks and lost 8-3. The box score was Skyhawks R-8, H-11, E-2 and Rox R-3, H-8, E-0. The field lines are RF & LF-320', CF-403'. On the centerfield fence is a painted jersey with the name Marciano and #49. Rocky Marciano was born in Brockton and won 49 fights. The restroom entries are painted with circus scenes and inside there are painted murals on the walls. K-O is the kangaroo mascot. One of the between inning activities had K-O doing a dance with young child dressed up like a baby kangaroo. There was a little problem with a gate in the left field wall to the bullpen and they had to stop the game twice to shut it. There is a specialty hotdog stand out on the 1st base side of the concourse with the best selection of hotdogs we have ever seen. There are some interesting murals on the outside of the stadium showing Brockton in earlier years. Jim had previously made contact with Cory Englehardt, Box Office Manager, to get tickets. During the game he went to talk to him and met Jim Lucas, Team President. We would like to thank Mr. Lucas for the great bobble head dolls and a game used ball. One bobble head actually is a bobble arm of Grady Little showing when he should have called for a reliever in a post season game in 2003. The second is a bobble ankle of Curt Schilling in 2004. Mr. Lucas took Jim up to the WBET-AM 1460 radio booth where he talked the game announcer, Chad Goldberg, about the Road Trip for half an inning. There is a fish market on right side of street approaching the stadium where we had a great fish and chip dinner-4 large fish pieces & chips for $5.99. Campanelli Stadium is located next to the largest high school we have ever seen. Jim asked one of the police officers providing security how many students and he responded with--in the 5,000 range. 2012 joined the Futures Collegiate Baseball League with new logo.
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