The New Haven County Cutters, a Canadian-American Independent League team, play at Yale Stadium, which was built in 1927. This is the baseball field for Yale University. The team is in its third year of existence. The name Cutters has multiple meanings; the Coast guard vessel, heavy rowboats on large ships, or a cut fastball. There is an older model Mercedes painted in Cutter colors outside the stadium. The Cutters were playing the Nashua Pride and lost a close game 2-1. The box score was Pride R-2, H-7, E-1 and Cutters R-1, H-6, E-2. The field lines shown are RF-315', CF-393', LF is 340' from previous visit. We noticed in the program that one of the pitchers, Courtney Hall, was from the Northwest. Today he was coaching first base. Jim talked to him between innings and found out that he played high school baseball at the same high school, Meadowdale, that our children went to. Then he played at Edmonds Community College and at UNLV. The other two players shown are relief pitchers, Cory Willey (L) and Mark Comolli (R). The mascots are Tripper & Chubbs. In the area beneath the seating are painted baseballs with the names of the major league players who have played at Yale Stadium. The main scoreboard is hand operated, but the lights for balls, strikes, and outs were not working, so that information was kept on the digital board in left field. The clock on the scoreboard always shows 5:00. The sign underneath says, "It's 5:00 somewhere" Great place to eat is Broadway Pizza at the corner of E.T. Grasso Blvd. (RT10) and RT34 where you turn left to the ballpark. Disbanded in 2007.
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