The Sussex Skyhawks, a Canadian-American Independent League team, play at Skylands Park near Augusta, NJ. The ballpark was built in 1994. This is the first year for the Sussex Skyhawks team. Previously the New Jersey Cardinals (NY-Penn League) played in this ballpark. When we visited in 2003 this was a rain-out game, so we wanted to return and see a game played. The weather cooperated with a warm comfortable evening. The Skyhawks were playing the New Jersey Jackals and lost 2-1. No runs were scored until the 9th inning. The box score was Jackals R-2, H-10, E-1 and Skyhawks R-0, H-2, E-0. The field lines are RF & LF-330' and CF-392'. The mascot is a Skyhawk. The food is good as we sampled the grilled chicken sandwich and cheeseburger. We would like to thank Herm Sorcher, Director of Corporate Sales, for the complimentary tickets. 2011 no team at Augusta.
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