The Bay Area Toros, a Continental Baseball League independent team, play at Robinson Stadium in Texas City Texas. Robinson Stadium is a municipal stadium for Texas City. It was due to be renovated until Hurricane Ike came ashore in 2008. The storm took out the light poles and much of the fencing. The stadium received new light poles and fencing, but because of the economy nothing else was renovated. The night before we arrived a lightning storm took out the speaker system, so there was no game announcing. We arrived after the start of the first inning after a very long drive from Little Rock, AK. The Toros were playing the Coastal Kingfish in the second game of a double header. The Toros had won the first game 14-2. The Toros won the second game 3-2. The box score was Kingfish R-2, H-6, E-1 and Toros R-3, H-7, E-1. They played 7 innings during both games. The field lines are RF-320', RC- 354', CF-384', LF-323'. Rather short lines for professional baseball, but not for local baseball. The seats are wood without backs. The Toros scored their third run on an error by the Kingfish shortstop. There was a young woman present who was keeping her scorebook up-to-date. When a Toros pitcher pitched a strikeout she posted a K on the railing by homeplate. Jim would like to thank Bob Lamont for the game used baseball. 2010 no longer in operation.
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