The Normal CornBelters, a Frontier Independent League team, play at the Corn Crib, which opened in 2010 and seats 7,500. It is shared with Heartland Community College, whose campus is next door. The Heartland band played the National Anthem. The first two pictures show the entrance behind homeplate. #3 shows the Right Field entrance with #4 the staire you climb up to get to concourse level. The CornBelters were playing the Gateway Grizzlies winning 6-4. The box score was Grizzlies R-4, H-10, E-1 and CornBelters R-6, H-12-E-0. Lots of hits in this very war again evening. Field lines are RF-318, LF-328. There is no cover for the stadium. There are several suites down each baseline and behind home along with the broadcasting area. The concourse is behind that with the concession area behind that. There is corn growing everywhere inside and outside the stadium. In right field you can walk through the rows on the slope below the scoreboard. They didn't post the K's correctly on the right field fence. There were swinging strikeout that should show the standard K and looking strike out that should show the backwards K. The mascot is Corny, the cornasaurus. Interesting turf field with two colors of green that makes it appear like grass that has been mowed. Attendance was 4, 112. Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island was signing autographs and threw out the first pitch. Between inning activity of trying to catch water balloons in hats that had a sieve on top. Last picture is children's play area. In 2019 team playing here is a member of the Prospect Collegiate League.
David Davis Mansion State Historic Site--Built in 1872 for U.S. Supreme Court Judge David Davis, Abraham Lincoln's campaign manager. With many con-veniences not usually found in homes at this time. Original furnishings and other period pieces. Donations