The New Jersey Jackals are an independent baseball team playing in the independent Frontier League. The Jackals play at 10,000 seat oval Hinchliffe Stadium in Paterson, New Jersey. The stadium was built in 1932, closed in 1996, and reopened in 2023 after being renovated. Hinchliffe Stadium was also used as the home of the New York Black Yankees of the Negro Leagues until 1945. It is one of four stadia still standing that hosted Negro League baseball games. In 1933 Hinchcliffe hosted the Colored Championship of the Nation, the Negro leagues equivalent to the World Series. The Jackals were playing the Tri-City Valley Cats losing 8-5. The Valley Cats scored 3 runs in the 10th inning. The box score was Valley Cats R-8, H-12, E-0, Jackals R-5, H-8, E-1. The field lines are RF-327', CF-385', LF-320'. Turf field, with turf laid over the running track area, light green in right field and light brown on 1st base side. Base areas and mound are dark brown turf. Bullpens are down the baselines. No pitch clock, but 2:15 time between innings. Three umpires. Open seating anywhere you want when we attended. No seating with backs, except in some back rows where you can lean against the wall. There are no dugouts, just pop-up shelters. There is a play area in the running track on the 1st base side. There were back-to-back to back homeruns that set a franchise record for 128 homeruns in the Jackal's 4th inning. A triple play occurred with the pitcher throwng to first for out on player who advanced to 2nd. Then after much discussion by the umpires the pitcher threw to second for an out on the player who had advanced to 3rd. There are two diagonal chalk lines branching out from the middle of the field near the home dugout, 1st baseline, towards the seating area. These were the lines for the Negro league games, really short 1st & 3rd base lines and deep center field. The usual dizzy bat race and tackle Jack the Jackal by two girls who chase him towards 3rd and tackle him. The mascot is Jack, who I caught playing with some Barbie dolls that a young fan left unattended. Scott Freier, Trumpet Guy, long time supporter of the Jackals, was at the game playing appropriate music for each situation. We have seen him previously.