On Wednesday, June 3rd we left our home near Seattle after lunch and drove over to Moses Lake. We checked into our hotel, went to Shari's for dinner, and drove to the appropriate ballpark. The Rattlesnakes schedule has them playing at two different ballparks. On our arrival at Paul Lausier Athletic Complex we didn't see any game being played. The only games we saw were girls' softball. I asked a groundskeeper where the Rattlesnakes were. He replied that the game had been cancelled. Whoa, 3 hours drive and no game. Back to the hotel. The league's games had started on May 23rd. I had checked the league website on May 31st and games were being played, so I thought we should be able to see games 3 days later. Back at the hotel I looked at the league website and saw a message from the league owner/commissioner that the league was closed down temporarily while they reorganized from 6 to 4 teams. I sent an email to him to confirm that there would not be a game in Ellensberg on the 4th. He responded that the league would start again around June 23rd. Originally in the Mount Rainier Professional Baseball League the six teams were in Glacier MT, Moses Lake, Ellensburg, Mt Vernon, and Grays Harbor WA, and Oregon City OR. The next morning we headed back to our home disappointed that we had not seen the games in Moses Lake and Ellensburg. While writing this up I checked to see what was going on and the league website was no longer in existance on June 12th. So we will see what happens later in the month. League folded after 2 weeks of play.