The Joliet JackHammers, a member of the Northern Independent League, play at Silver Cross Stadium, built in 2002 and seating 4,616. There are 15 suites. The JackHammers were playing the Winnipeg Goldeyes and shut them out 3-0. The box score was Goldeyes R-0, H-6, E-1 and JackHammers R-3, H-11, E-0. The field lines are RF-327', CF-400'. RF-330'. Nice park with several party areas. One is on top of the concession stand in left field (picture 5). Jammer is the mascot and his head is shaped like a claw hammer. He does a good job with the fans, bringing out his banged up garbage can lids to get them going. Champ, a golden lab, is the bat dog during the home part of the 4th inning. He does a great job picking up the bat, running around a little and bringing it back to the handler. The hander has to keep a firm hand on Champ's collar until it is time for Champ to go to work. Tonight the Bucket Boys played 5 gallon plastic buckets with their drum sticks between innings. They were outstanding. Big statue of construction guy with jack hammer in left field area. 2011 team moves to the Frontier League when Northern League folds. Name changes to Joliet Slammers
Joliet is on Route 66 and has several things to see and do about historic Route 66.