The Sonoma Stompers, a member of the Pacific Association of Baseball Clubs, an independent level team play at Arnold Field. Arnold Field was built by local volunteers and opened in 1952. It is a multi-use field hosting Sonoma Valley High football and baseball games, Babe Ruth league teams and the Sonoma Stompers. The Stompers team member maintain the field to a high level during their season. The field is the best Jim has seen at the independent league baseball level. The Stompers were playing the Salina Stockade, a traveling team in the league, and won 7 to 1. The box score was Stockade R-1, H-5, E-1 and Stompers R-7, H-10, E-2. The field lines are RF-311, RC-331, CF-435, LC-345, LF-304. Attendance was 274. We stopped by the field to get tickets before going to eat. Jim met Sophia who indicated that she had seen the email I sent, looked at the website, and they wanted Jim to throw out the first pitch. Of course, he said yes. So, before the game, Jim “threw out” the first pitch, and bounced it 1/2 way to home where it rolled across home. Oh well, the crowd thought it was funny and everyone including Jim laughed about it. Ryan Richardson, a Stomper closer who caught the roller signed the ball. The seating is bleachers with no backs except the first row which has portable back seating sitting on the bleacher seats. There is lawn chair seating down the third baseline. In left field you can sit in the bleachers used for the football games. Stadium capacity is 1,400. There is a minimal scoreboard above the football broadcast booth in left field. In right field is a non-operational manual scoreboard. You can see dents from fly balls that have hit it. There were several plagues on the at the end of the stadium seating. The Stomper mascot is Rawhide. The front row is portable seats, otherwise no back bleachers. The Salina Stockade is a traveling team with no home park. Previously they were located in Salina, KS as part of the Pecos League. The Stockade had a manager/player. Instead of chase the mascot the youth chase a Stockade player. Jim enjoyed talking baseball with Eddie Mora-Leora, Assistant General Manager. Jim appreciates that Eddie gave him a game used ball to add to his collection of thirty-seven baseball leagues attended. Thank you to Trey Dunia, public address announcer, for mentioning our website several times during the game. Kenwood Palooza Brewery and Gastropub provide much better than usual baseball park food and milkshakes at the games. We would like to thank the Stompers for on field and radio recognition. We were asked lots of questions by the local fans.
Sonoma Train Town offers a 20-minute miniature train ride through a forested railroad park past scaled-down reproductions of buildings and waterfalls. A diesel engine makes the trip Monday through Saturday; a steam engine is used Sundays and holidays. A petting zoo, Ferris wheel, merry-go-round and other rides are on the grounds. Fee.

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