The White Sands Pupfish is a member of the Pecos Independent League. They play at Griggs Park at the Griggs Sports Complex, a public park in Alamogordo. The altitude of the field is 4,222 feet. The field is in good condition. the Pupfish were playing the Las Vegas Train robbers and won 5 to 4. The box score was Train Robbers R-4, H-9, E-1 and Pupfish R-5, H-6, E-4. There were no field lines shown, but Jim was told that the RF & LF were 290' and CF was 400'. There was a 30+" screen around the whole outfield. There were misters over the bleachers right behind home plate. Part of this set of bleachers had seats. There were low, no back bleachers on each base line that had a cover over them, but the cover was ineffective with the early evening setting sun. The temperature was 96 at game time and 86 at game end. Smokey the Bear threw out the first pitch, as did a young boy who is on a local little league team that will be going to Puerto Rico to play. By the middle of the 2nd inning there was a hole where the pitcher plants his foot on the mound. This field displays the speed of the pitch on the scoreboard. Very young batboy for the Pupfish. The game announcer stands back behind the bleachers of the team batting to announce the players. He mentioned my trip and the website. The Robbers are not fielding a full 23 man roster, so their 3rd pitcher had been the centerfielder before relieving. Thanks to the guys in the booth for turning the scoreboard lights back on for the final score picture.
New Mexico Museum of Space History includes the museum, Stapp Air and Space Park and Daisy Track. Exhibits honor pioneers from many nations and include international space program items. A display chronicles the pivotal role that New Mexico plays in the ongoing race to space. Fee
White Sands National Monument
located 17 miles SW is a very unusual geological feature. View the huge white sand dunes, floral, and fauna that have adapted to the white sand. Use your snow type sand discs to slide down the dunes. Fee