The Martinez Sturgeon is a member of the Pecos Independent League. The Pecos League is spread from Kansas to New Mexico/Colorado to California. The Sturgeon play at Joe DiMaggio Stadium in Doyle Park, one of several fields in the park. The Sturgeon were playing the Santa Cruz Seaweed winning 18-5. The box score was Santa Cruz: R-5, H-10, E-3 and Sturgeon: R-18, H-19, E-4. Attendance here was the largest we say between 200 and 300. Manny Corpas, the Sturgeon pitcher had three singles. Pitchers bat in this league. Manny has a very let's have fun personality, joking with the other players and the umpires.The Martinez left fielder, with a great throw, picked off a Santa Cruz player who had trotted to 2nd on a fly out. The Sturgeon scored 10 runs in the 5th inning. But the scoreboard could only show 9, so one run was carried to the 6th inning. The home plate area, typical of these ballparks had deep holes. Whenever a home run is hit or a special play is made one of the supporters takes a fish around to get donations for the player or players. "Feed the fish" is called out. Shade is available on the third base side.