The Monterey Amberjacks is a member of the Pecos Independent League. The Pecos League is spread from Kansas to New Mexico/Colorado to California. They play in Sallecito Park, just three blocks from Monterey Bay. A nice Pecos League ballpark with bleachers behind home and on the first baseline. The field lines are RF-305, CF-360, and LF-355. The Amberjacks were playing a double header at 2pm and 5pm. We went to the 2pm game. The Amberjacks were playing the Tucson Saguros winning 3-1. The box score was Amberjacks: R-3, H-7, E-1 and Saguros: R-1, H-4, E-0. The field is turf, which gives a more solid batter's box than the other three fields we saw on this trip. There was a American Flag in left field and a very usable broadcast booth. The same announcer was here that was at Santa Cruz last night. Again as appears to be usual the players were sharing bats. Chris Coipel made a great throw from RF for an out in top of 5th. He followed that with the game winning 3 run homerun in the bottom of the fifth. The Amberjacks starter, Blake Svoboda, was outstanding with 15 strike outs in the 7 inning game. Two fans came prepared to support him putting K signs zip tied to the fencing on the first base side. They didn't bring enough large sheets and had to resort to smaller ones for the last three Ks. I asked what they would have done if Blake had more strikeouts. I was told that they would have to dig through the trash cans for more paper. There were two sets of parents at the game watching their sons play. In the grandstand were the parents of Jarrett Seaton, LH relief pitcher. On the field was another family. Attendance was 50+ for the first game. Based on our ticket numbers this is about average. In a horseshoe shape around the field is a lagoon that has pedal boats, including swans and yellow ducks. Outside the 3rd baseline is the Dennis the Menace Playround, beyond left field is a skateboard park. The parking was full, so I parked on the other side of the lagoon. Interesting in that there is a cemetery here across the street from the 1st base line. Be careful where you park as foul ball leave the park on the first baseline.
MONTEREY BAY AQUARIUM is at 886 Cannery Row. This acclaimed facility houses more than 35,000 animals and plants on two levels of expansive galleries and exhibits. The Open Sea, the aquarium's largest exhibit, explores the open ocean; visitors standing in front of a 90-foot window will see tuna and hammerhead sharks, sardines swarming in schools and sea turtles swimming lazily by. The Ocean's Edge introduce visitors to the central California coast's varied shoreline habitats. Tentacles is devoted to these endlessly bizarre and fascinating creatures. Feeding demonstrations take place daily at the sea otter, kelp forest and penguin exhibits.
Note: The aquarium can get very crowded on weekends and when it first opens. To avoid crowds, plan a visit for later in the day. Time: Allow 3 hours minimum. Phone: (831)648-4800, or (866) 963-9645 for Required advance tickets.