The Roswell Invaders is a member of the Pecos Independent League. They play at Joe Baumann Park, which is adjacent to the local fair ground. They were suppose to play the Douglas Diablos for 4 games beginning Monday. But because the Invaders are already in the Southern Division Play-offs against the Alpine Cowboys and the Diablos disbanded on Sunday there were no games played during this series. Jim went out to the ballpark in hopes of taking some pictures. He found the Invaders players having a practice. This was good because there is an 8 foot high solid fence around the ballpark. Joe Baumann hit 72 homeruns in 1954 playing for the Roswell Rockets. This record was beat by Barry Bonds in 2001 in 153 games, but Joe did this in 138 games.
The International UFO Museum & Research Center is dedicated to the study of UFOs thought to be from other planets. Exhibits include paintings, murals and dioramas depicting the purported 1947 crash of a UFO in Roswell. There are many documents and affidavits concerning this crash. There is other information about alleged sightings of alien beings and their spacecraft. Fee