The Santa Cruz Seaweed is a member of the Pecos Independent League. The Pecos League is spread from Kansas to New Mexico/Colorado to California. The Seaweed play at Harvey West Park. They play at Field 4. Go to end of Coral St, turn right on Evergreen Street and park in the first parking lot, and walk in to field. This game was the second of a double header against the Monterey Amberjacks. The first game was played in Monterey at 1pm and the second in Santa Cruz at 7pm. The Seaweed beat the Amberjacks 6-5 in 7 innings. The box score was Seaweed: R-6, H-5, E-0 and Amberjacks: R5, H-7, E-2. The field lines are RF-320', CF-355', LF-315'. There was no flag with everyone facing Center Field for the National Anthem. There is no operational scoreboard. Santa Cruz scored one run in the first inning on a balk. Santa Cruz player Nick Giambalvo hit two homeruns in the first game in Monterey and one homerun at the second game in Santa Cruz.