The Santa Fe Fuego is a member of the Pecos Independent League. They play at Fort Marcy Ballfield. This is a city park and has good grass and infield area.The altitude of the ballpark is 7,000 feet. The Fuego were playing the Raton Osos and won 7-6. The box score was Osos R-6, H-7, E-2 and Fuego R-7, H-13, E-1. The game was won in the 10th by a walk-off single by Erik Kozel. The players have run him down and are mobbing him in the photo. The field lines shown were CF-355' & LF-340'. There is a large covered area with bench seating provided. If you want to bring your own lawn chairs there is plenty of room to set them up. Interesting in that there is no lighting under the covered area. At field level is a box seating area and an interesting area right behind homeplate that isn't an area where you can watch the game as the front and sides of the area are too high, in the 4th photo. There is a limited area of seating outside the covered area on the first base side similar to the the seating under the cover. On the third base side there is a similar area. Beyond that are several levels where you can set up your own chairs, which you can see in the first photo. This area extends all the way to the left field fence. There is a fire station beyond the left field fence and the firemen can watch the game from the second floor open area. Beyond the right field fence is a path and then a 15+ foot deep arroyo, dry when Jim was there. There are several bridges over it to the park beyond. The children will go down in it to get baseballs hit out for homeruns. The mascot is Furry. Erik Kozel from Grand Junction CO was named the Peco League MVP. He is the catcher and on the 16th he was batting .416. He has been hit by a pitch 51 times as of the same date. 2017-team moves to Bakersfield, CA.
Georgia OKeeffe Museum, the artist's best-known works include many pieces inspired by New Mexico's stark beauty. More than half of her lifetime output of paintings, drawing, sculptures comprise the permanent collection. Fee
New Mexico History Museum
on the Historic Santa Fe Plaza focuses on the history of New Mexico from Native Americans to Spanish colonists, the Mexican Period, the Santa Fe Trail, the railroad era, statehood, World War II and modern-day New Mexico. Fee
Palace of the Governors
built in 1610 is one of the oldest public buildings in the U.S. The long, low adobe structure with 4-foot-thick walls was the seat of government under Spanish, Pueblo Indian, Mexican and U.S. territorial rule until 1909. Fee