The Santa Rosa Scuba Divers is a member of the Pecos Independent League. The Pecos League is spread from Kansas to New Mexico/Colorado to California. The Scuba Divers play at Doyle Park. Access the field via Hoen Street for parking not Doyle Street. The Scuba Divers were playing the Bakersfield Train Robbers losing 12-0. The box score was Scuba Divers: R-0, H-3, E-2 and Train Robbers: R-12, H-11, E-1. The only field marking was center field at 350'. There was no scoreboard. There was no American Flag for the national anthem, everyone faced towards center field. Attendance was 50+. Larrett Woll the Scuba Divers starter had a very interesting pre and then wind up before pitching. He hit five batters. There were limited snack. Typical city park bleachers on each baseline and behind home plate. There were two park benches, one between each set of bleachers and we sat on the one between home and 1st base.
CHARLES M. SCHULZ MUSEUM is at 2301 Hardies Ln. It relates the life of the creator of the "Peanuts" comic strip and the development of its lovable gang of characters. Schulz's studio, a collection of his pencil sketches and doodles, are highlights. Original "Peanuts" strips and other art by Schulz can be viewed. Fee.

is at the corner of Santa Rosa and Sonoma Aves. Docent-led tours describe the life and work of the horticulturist who introduced more than 800 varieties of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and ornamental flowers. Examples of roses, fruit trees and other plants developed by Burbank are featured on the grounds. The 19th-century house, greenhouse and carriage house museum contain original furnishings and changing exhibits. Fee for tours.