The Trinidad Triggers is a member of the Pecos Independent League. They play at Trinidad Central Park, seating 882. The park is used by college, high school, and little league teams as well. The altitude of the park is 6010 feet. The field lines are RF-350', RC-352', CF-385', LC-368, & LF-360'. Driving over from Raton Jim drove through a viscious thunderstorm with rain and hail. On arrival at the ballpark it was not raining. He took some pictures, spoke with the business manager, Kim Schultz and Jim Jones and Tim Chambers. It started raining and Jim decided to come back to Raton. Kim told us that the stadium had been built in the 1900s and had been used by various local coal mining teams and other teams in the town. Jim asked how much the current players are paid and how they are transported to the other towns. She said the players receive $50 a week and in Trinidad they provide gas money for the players to drive their own cars. The league pays for motel accomodations when the players travel. These players are really dedicated. The Triggers were to play the Las Vegas Train Robbers. Kim told us that they were going to start the game in the 2nd inning to complete a game that had been played and interrupted in Las Vegas. Tim-left, Jim-Center, & Jim-Right are shown standing at the wall behind homeplate. Kim is next and the bus that Kim had painted is last. Hebrew National Hot dogs are sold at the concession stand, also sold at Yankee Stadium. The Triggers did play the Las Vegas Train Robbers with the Triggers winning 10-9. The box Score was Train Robbers R-9, H-10, E-1 and Triggers R-10, H-11, E-1.
Trinidad History Museum is comprised of several properties that illustrate early settlers' lives. The museum complex includes the Bloom Mansion, Baca House, Santa Fe Trail Museum and Heritage Gardens. Fee