The Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings, a team in the independent United League, play at Harlingen Field. This field was built in 1950 and seats 4,500. The WhiteWings were playing the Laredo Broncos and could not come from behind an early deficit losing 13-6. The box score was Broncos R-13, H-18, E-2 and WhiteWings R-6, H-5, E-1. The field dimensions are RF-330', CF'400', & LF-330'. On the team are two players from the Seattle area, Bub Bergstrom lefthanded center fielder and Andre Piper-Jordan right hander right fielder. In the first picture Bub is on the right and Andre is on the left. They are also shown batting. WildWing is the mascot. One between inning activity has children dressing in WhiteWings jersey at first, pants at second, shoes at third and running Home. Another activity was having an adult attempt to throw a frisbee in and out the windows on a Ford pick-up truck from 70 feet. If successful you get the truck. It looks like the dealer won't ever have to pay that prize off. 2011 move to the North American League until 2012. 2013 move back to United League.
The Iwo Jima War Memorial - is on the south campus parade deck of the Marine Military Academy next to Harlingen International Airport. The original sculpture was donated by its creator to the academy. This full-scale statue was the model used to cast the Marine Corps War Memorial for Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. Donations.