The Laredo Broncos, a team in the independent United League, play at Veterans Field. This field was built in 1950 and seats 5,000. This is the second year of the United League and the Broncos. The Broncos won the league championship in 2006. The Broncos were playing the San Angelo Colts. The Broncos beat the Colts 4-2. All the runs were scored on 2 run homeruns. The box score which Jim had to get from the pressbox was Colts R-2, H-9, E-1, Broncos R-4, H-7, E-0. The scoreboard does not show Hits and Errors. The field lines shown are RF-320', RC-338', CF-410', LC-341', & LF-340'. The two previous games were rained out, which meant a lot of work had to be done on the field before the game. We went to the park before the game when Jim took the pictures of the field. Today was July 4th, so there were fireworks after the game. They were enjoyed by the game fans and many locals outside. This field has the widest aisles in baseball at 5+ feet. Jim could stretch out his legs and people could still walk by. The mascot is Buster. With Buster in the second photo Albert Herrera, Director of Sales and Tickets. Jim would like to thank Albert for the game used baseball. The Broncos GM, Jose Melendez, previously was Director of Marketing for the San Antonio Missions Baseball Club, AA affiliate of our team the Seattle Mariners. A between inning activity was a handless watermelon eating contest. When a Broncos player hits a home run they pass a helmet for donations. 2010 no longer operational.
Republic of the Rio Grande Museum - during the Republic of the Rio Grande period (1839-41), this adobe building was used by neighboring communities in Texas and Mexico as the capitol of the proposed independent nation. Fee.